Some poems seem to take on a life of their own. Apropos perhaps, I do not remember when I wrote the first version of the poem below—only that it was a very long time ago—and it seems also to have no end. I’ve come back to it multiple times, tweaked it here and there, but its completion is forever illusive. Like snake tracks in the desert sand, it evades capture. This poem of beginnings and endings, has neither. Maybe we are all like that, without beginning nor ending, in reality… and our essential self too, like snake tracks in the desert sand, evades capture.


In every beginning 
there is death 
and in all death, there is rebirth.
Do you remember your beginning? 
We are a continuum, of 
eternity & nothingness 
polarity & unity
a quivering consciousness sometimes shackled
by words.
Freezing bits of existence 
into b/l_o.c+k-s tumbling 
from our mouths
we trip 
in the rubble of our own expression.
Until weary, perhaps
with splintered and twisted feet
we lay down, seeking 
other than earth
and sky.
Here we find, an infinite desert.
Here our hollowed self, shimmers 
in an instant of eternity.
A single drop of rain    falls 
into the soul 
and the membrane of each cell shivers 
shedding itself 
into currents of grace 
flowing and
flowing like blood into 
and over rocks and into ancient 
returning devoutly 
to firelit waves of a primordial sea.

Do you remember
                                      your beginning?

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