We are truly the world around us. We are flowers of all kinds, and the winds and light rains. Heavy rains. We are snails, jaguars, and peaches. 

motto: be the poem

There are many ways to scribe poetry into life. 
We are constantly leaving words around us—like footprints in the soil of our own minds, on floating clouds of texted messages, in the wind we breathe out in speech, with fresh ink painted onto walls. And in the trail of our words, we create poems; we create living worlds and ecologies. This is the creative power of words. What kind of world do you wish to inhabit?
Now, accordingly, scribe your world into a poem.
Be the poem.

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The Japanese word kotodama(言霊)can be translated as “soul of words” referring to the innate spiritual agency of words. We create worlds with the words we speak. As a poet, writer, and dancer, I craft stories for a more beautiful and gentle world. Read more