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Twelve Moons & The Sea ~ A Journey Home

This beautifully crafted collection of poems and photography welcomes you to join the poet on a true journey of the heart and soul.
Full of light, hope, love and longing, this poetic narrative illuminates the mysterious within the everyday, the light within the shadows, and the beauty that permeates it all.  
In the pages of this book, Michiru Adrienne has created poetic space into which you are invited to enter, and to dance. And you may very well find yourself embarking on a magical journey of your own. To where, are you being called? What is the destination in your heart, awaiting discovery and arrival? 
It may be a journey of one day or night, a moon, twelve moons or many more. Wherever your path takes you, may you find beauty in each step along the way.

Praise for Twelve Moons & The Sea ~ A Journey Home

"It is a beautiful, heartfelt work about journeying and finding ones way home. Many of the images and even the expressions bring to mind one of my favorite literary works, Basho's "Oku no Hosomichi". The form is different of course, but the powerful imagery and the deeply felt emotions are reminiscent of Basho's collection. Among the lines the lines that I found deeply affecting were: 

did you shed beautiful tears/ last night/ upon these shoulders whose name/ even now/ you refuse to utter 


and in the tender arms of blackness/ even rainbows find reprieve

This is precise and powerful language. It goes without saying, that one of the really stunning elements of this collection is the juxtaposition of poems and photography.... this almost begs an exhibit of your photos and your poems. I found the collection to be very moving."

            —Christopher Keaveney,  professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, and author of four books on Japanese and East Asian cultural relations as well as two collections of his own poetry.
(English below)
詩とご自分で写された写真を配置された、言葉とビジュアルがともにマッチして両方が美しさをつむぐすばらしい本です。美しくわかりやすい英詩がすばらしい。自然と魂の優しさ、そして自然と魂の融合がすばらしい形で謳いあげられています。それは私たちの心にすばらしい trip to inner self - a journey home をもたらしてくれます。写真がすばらしい。写真と自然、そして詩の言葉とのマッチングがすばらしい。詩の言葉がすばらしい。言葉を言霊に変えてくれて、自分の中で自然の美しさが生き生きとし、優しさと愛を実現させてくれます。

The author has designed an original work in which the words of her poetry and the imagery of her photography are spun together into beauty and a wonderful book.
The beautiful and easily understood English is wonderful.
The kindness of nature and of the soul, as well as the fusion of soul with nature, is expressed wonderfully. In this way, the reader is taken on a wonderful "trip to inner self—a journey home" of their own heart. 
The photographs are wonderful. The pairing of the words of the poems with the photographs of nature is wonderful. 
The words of the poems are wonderful.
The words transform into kotodama for the reader, and within one's own self, the beauty of nature comes to life, and kindness and love are also realized.
          —Mr. Kei Nomoto